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If you've found a bug it's important that you report it so that the developers can fix it.


Howto post on the forums

In order to post the bug report in the MeAndMyShadow forum you'll have to have an account at the Freegamedev forums. At the top right corner of the screen you'll see a link 'Register'. A form will appear and after filling in your details your account will be made.

Now head over to the Me and My Shadow subforum and click on 'Post a new topic'. Start the subject with the prefix "BUG: " followed by a short description of the bug. This is to prevent topics with names like:

  • Found a bug!
  • BUG!!!
  • Problem with MeAndMyShadow
  • etc...

What should be in the post

To help the developers in fixing the bug it's important that you give enough information. The most important information is which version of MeAndMyShadow and your operating system. If you're using the SVN version, it's important to say which revision you use.

Besides that the post should contain some information like when the bug occurs and what you did so the developers would be able to reproduce this bug.

An example post

Here's an example post of a bug report.

Subject: BUG: Getting segmentation fault when placing player start.
Hello developers, I'm using MeAndMyShadow version 0.1.2 and I'm running openSUSE 11.4.
When I place a player start using the leveleditor the screen freezes and then crashes.
Running it from terminal gives me this error: segmentationfault

What if the bug has already been posted/solved?

Although it's best if avoided it What you should do to prevent this is to search the forums for a similar bug report. Running the latest SVN can also reduce the risk of reporting already fixed bugs.

If you don't know howto compile or find it too hard then don't worry. It's better to have a duplicate bug report than none at all.

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