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Me and My Shadow is an open source game and thus can use all the help it can get. No matter how small or big your contribution is, it is appreciated.


There are six groups of contributions.

  • Code
  • Art
  • Content
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Translation

All of them are equally important.

Coding.png Code

If you want to contribute in coding it's important that you know howto compile meandmyshadow and howto use svn.

Here's howto get started making code contributions:

Art.png Art

There isn't much art in MeAndMyShadow but that doesn't mean art isn't welcome. The option for art are:

Here's howto get started making art:

Content.png Content

Creating content exist mostly out of making levels and levelpacks. MeAndMyShadow comes with a built-in leveleditor that can be used to make levels and levelpacks.

Here's howto get started making levels:

Documentation.png Documentation

Documentation is often underrated, but having a good documentation can help new user a lot. If you want to write wikipages or perhaps make an User Manual.

Here's howto get started documenting:

Testing.png Testing

This is the easiest of the six groups. You're contributing to the game by playing it and giving feedback. By telling what you think is good or bad about the game, or what needs to be improved, For more information see Giving feedback.

If during testing you encounter bugs it's important that you report them so that the developers can fix them as soon as possible. For more information on reporting bugs see Bug reporting

1333478941 applications-internet.png Translation

Isn't MeAndMyShadow available in your native language or some other language you know well? Maybe you can help us by translating it?

Here's howto get started translating:

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