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How do I play MeAndMyShadow?

The recommended way for playing MeAndMyShadow is using the download links on the home page. Older releases can be found on the projects download page at SourceForge.

After downloading the file you'll have to extract it and run the executable inside the meandmyshadow folder. When you're having problems running the game have a look at the Troubleshoot page. If it still doesn't work you can Contact us and ask for help.

To learn the basics of the gameplay, play through Tutorial levelpack and read our User Manual.

I found a bug, what should I do?

If you have found a bug you can report it on the MeAndMyShadow forum. It's important that you give as much information about the bug and your system as you can. For more information see Bug reporting.

I want to help out.

That's great, any kind of contribution is appreciated. Have a look at the Contributing page to see what you can do.

I can't find my ~/.meandmyshadow folder

That's because since V0.3 MeAndMyShadow tries to be XDG-compliant. This means that the data and config files are stored in separate folders under the users home folder.

Config files: ~/.config/meandmyshadow/

User data: ~/.local/share/meandmyshadow/

For more information: Paths

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