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This was the first release that actually contained new features and bug-fixes. It was released in about 81 days after V0.1. And 40 svn revision between 0.1 and 0.1.1


  • The TitleMenu has been removed.
  • The transition between states has been changed to a fade transition.
  • The code was refactored (source files in src/ folder and header files per class)
  • The background of both the menu and the game have been changed to remove the spots. [1]
  • The movement system has changed, in V0.1 the player would always record.
  • Data files rearranged.
  • Improved the blocks graphics using the Gem Jewel Diamond Glass set by Ville Seppanen.
  • The leveleditor had been integrated in the game instead of being a separate program.
  • Saving/loading has been implemented (used for checkpoints).
  • CMake is now used.
  • Transparency support for gfx.
  • Checkpoints have been added.
  • Menu for the leveleditor was made.
  • The ImageManager has been added to prevent loading the same image twice.
  • Swap block has been added.
  • Fragile block has been added.
  • New levelformat.
  • Moving blocks and spikes have been added.
  • Portal, Switch and Button added.
  • Custom image support for blocks (never used and remove in MeAndMyShadow 0.3).
  • Conveyor Belt added.


  • Although a lot has been changed/added the version number increased by 0.0.1.
  • This release contained a serious bug (affecting Linux users) so a week after 0.1.1 V0.1.2 was released.
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