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This release followed the 0.1.1 version very quickly and contained primarily bug-fixes. The reason for this release was that V0.1.1 could hang on Linux system and use up a lot of CPU power and in some cases crash the XServer. V0.1.2 was released roughly a month after the previous release.


  • The POAParser was updated to handle non-existing files better.
  • Some fixes were made to prevent a crash under Linux.
  • Command line arguments added to change config and data paths.
  • Automatic data path detection was added.
  • Missing background music changed from an error to a warning.
  • .desktop file and icon added.
  • Tooltip added to levelblocks in the LevelSelect screen to show the level's name.


  • This release didn't introduce many noticeable difference except for some crash fixes.
  • Although not much new was added the version number increased as much as from V0.1 to V0.1.1.
  • Due to a capital in the background music file, music only worked under Windows.
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