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This part isn't complete yet.


  • The GUIScrollBar was added and used in the LevelSelect screen when there are too many levels to fit on the screen.
  • The GUIListBox control was added and used in filedialogs.
  • Support for levelpacks was added.
  • An option was added to the LevelSelect screen to play custom levels made in the editor.
  • Added a levelpack editor to the leveleditor.
  • Added an options menu, with this came the settings file.
  • A theme manager was added to support theming.
  • The screen gets dimmed when a GUI is opened.
  • Some improvements to the POAParser.
  • The help menu graphics where updated by removing the dots in the background.
  • Added an addon manager to allow downloadable themes, levelpacks and levels
  • The data folder was structured more by separating levels from levelpacks and by adding a separate folder for themes.
  • Libarchive became a dependency of Me and My Shadow because it is used in the Addons menu.
  • The code underwent massive refactoring and documenting to match a set of code conventions.
  • Bug fixed where the player or shadow could teleport by restarting a level whilst touching a moving block.
  • The notification block was added to the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could jump on a fragile block that was destroyed if the jump was timed correctly.
  • An internet proxy option was added.
  • The |leveleditor got a massive overhaul, basically being built up from scratch.
  • Primitive drawing methods where added to the Functions.cpp file.
  • Focus support was added to the GUIObjectTextBox.
  • A [[GUITextArea] was added to support multiline text input.
  • User created content was separated from main and addon content.
  • A congratulation text was added when finishing a levelpack.
  • Fixed a swap bug, causing the shadow the sink in the floor.
  • The tutorial levelpack was added.
  • The original levelpack was renamed to classic.
  • The drawing of primitives was handed over to SDL_gfx
  • A help screen system was introduced that consisted out of multiple slides explaining the certain aspects of the game.
  • An icon indicating the recording status was added to the upper left corner of the screen.
  • The tab key allows the player to switch the camera focus between the player and the shadow.
  • Both the player and the shadow can be themed using the same system as blocks.
  • Resetting doesn't reset the saved state any more, allowing the player to reload a checkpoint after resetting (by accident).
  • A new default levelpack was added containing levels ranging from easy to medium difficulty.
  • Jump and fall animation support was added.
  • The Theme:Cloudscape became the default theme, the default theme is renamed to classic just like the levelpack.
  • Tooltips where added to the toolbar in the leveleditor.
  • An icon for the Windows build was added.
  • CMake modules where bundled to make packaging easier for systems missing these modules.
  • The order in which the blocks appear in the leveleditor have been changed, instead of using the order they appear internally.
  • Some compiler warnings fixed, adding newlines to the end of each source file for example.
  • Fixed a problem with older version of libarchive.
  • Added a separate update button to the addons menu so that a user can uninstall an addon without being forced to update it first.
  • Fixed a bug where the program wouldn't quit when in the leveleditor.
  • The up and down arrow keys can now be used to navigate through the main menu.


This part isn't complete yet.

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