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This part isn't complete yet.


  • An input manager was added to allow the configuration of key bindings.
  • The format of the progress files of levelpacks was changed to the POA format.
  • Added a teleport option in the level editor to make testing easier, default key binding is F5.
  • Fixed a bug where non-latin file and path names caused unexpected behaviour under Windows.
  • The menu and GUI theme was changed to fit with the new default theme Cloudscape matching the mock-ups by odamite. (link)
  • The name of the 14th level of the classic levelpack changed from 'Damn' to 'Headache'.
  • Extension were automatically added to file names in save dialogs if not present.
  • Separate levels can be played again through a special levelpack named Levels
  • The shortcut Ctrl+s was removed which toggled the sound and music on and off.
  • Save dialogs can now start with an empty filename field.
  • Two level statistics where added: time and recordings.
  • Medals can be earned by beating a set target time and recordings.
  • Level names of levels inside a levelpack are now retrieved from the level file itself instead of the levelpack file.
  • The game now recorded user input to be able to replay it later on.
  • A carrot was added to the GUITextBox to allow easier editing.
  • Joystick support has been added to the InputManager.
  • MD5sum are used to link replays and statistics to levels.
  • The CMakeLists.txt was updated to include openssl and crypto.
  • Fixed a bug where the level statistics were always updated, now the best stays.
  • The best time and best number of recordings replays are auto-saved.
  • Level selection blocks updated to match the Cloudscape theme.
  • Added animation for the arrows of the GUISingleLineListBox.
  • All key bindings can now have a primary and alternative key.
  • GUITextBox and GUITextArea now handle delete and backspace properly.
  • A section at the bottom of the LevelSelect screen was added to show level and level statistic information.
  • A method was made for drawing so named GUIBoxes.
  • Target time and recordings can be configured in the leveleditor.
  • Separate the up and jump key and the down and action keys in the input manager.
  • Removed the non-free music that was there from the initial release.
  • Replays are shown after completing a level.
  • The help menu got removed and the entry in the main menu was replaced with the addons menu.
  • The clear progress option was moved to the options menu.
  • Added a music manager to add support for multiple music tracks.
  • Sound and music is now separated in the options menu.
  • A message box shows instead of a label to when a certain changes requires the user to restart the game.
  • A bug was fixed in the md5 calculation of the TreeStorageNode.
  • Changed the drawGUIBox to not use rounded rectangles to support older versions of SDL_gfx.
  • Fixed a bug where an extension was added to a file dialog that was used for folders.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the player holding the shadow whilst on a moving block.
  • Added a LevelEditSelect screen to replace the old levelpackeditor.
  • Target times and recordings added for the classic levelpack thanks to Tedium.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could continue recording after he died.
  • Menu theme music added, made by vaev (Juho-Petteri Yliuntinen).
  • Extended the MusicManager to support a separate loop file as alternative to a loop start time.
  • Added icons to the tooltips in the LevelSelect screen.
  • Changing block type in the level editor is now a separate key binding.
  • Added an interlevel popup to show the target time and recordings also shows the achieved medal.
  • Made Me and My Shadow as XDG-compliant as possible by saving user data in ~/.local/share/ and config files in ~/.config/.
  • Notifications aren't shown when the inter level popup is up.
  • Fixed a bug where an empty levelpack could crash the game.
  • Fixed the bug where the replay button of last level doesn't show up.
  • Changed the way notification blocks are displayed, there's no popup any more, but a GUIBox at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the leveleditor crashing because of dangling pointer objNotificationBlock.
  • Updated the Cloudscape theme made by Tedium.
  • Changed colour of the '&'-sign in logo to match the updated background image.
  • Fixed selection overlapping in the GUIListBox.
  • Both the player and shadow can now get squashed when between a solid block and a moving block.
  • Updated the Controls.txt to include all the (new) keybindings.
  • Made it possible to configure the starting state of fragile blocks.
  • Added check to prevent overwriting levels using the LevelEditSelect screen.
  • Added notification for when the shadow dies.
  • Updated the icons to match the latest Cloudscape version.


  • The release candidate of V0.3 had "V0.3" as version string, unlike release candidates of other version which have 'rc1' appended.

This part isn't complete yet.

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