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This is the page about the SVN version of MeAndMyShadow, if you want information about subversion instead see the Subversion page.

If you want to be on a "bleeding edge" i.e. to use the latest version of MeAndMyShadow, you should download it from subversion and compile it on your own. This makes testing and contributing much faster.

To download files from SVN you need will need a client. Under Linux you can easily download package called subversion or svn. Under Windows you can either use some command line port or get a GUI version for example TortoiseSVN.

If you're using Linux or you have command line version under Windows, just open your terminal and type this:

svn checkout svn:// meandmyshadow

This command will download the latest files from SVN to your computer in the directory called meandmyshadow.

To play the game, you will need to compile it first.

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