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Collision No
Shadow collision No
Deadly Yes
Since V0.1
Type id TYPE_SPIKES (5)
Internal name Spikes

Spikes are, besides falling of, the most dangerous part of the game. The hitbox of the spikes is smaller to improve the gameplay, because they were to easy to hit. The initial idea was to use pixel perfect collision, but this hasn't been done. There are two different images for the spike block in the default theme:

Spikes.png Spikes2.png

This part isn't complete yet.


  • The restart message only appears when the player dies not when the shadow dies.
  • The hitbox of spikes is two pixels smaller on each side, making it 46x46.
  • Spikes don't have collision, if they would then they can't kill you.
  • In older releases the spikes variation was not horizontally aligned with the normal spikes, this has been fixed.

This part isn't complete yet.

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