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Me and My Shadow is a project that is being actively developed. This means that there are still releases to come which add new functionality and bug fixes.

For more information about how and when a release is made see the Release Cycle.



MeAndMyShadow V0.1

This was the first public release of MeAndMyShadow. It was at the state Luka Horvat left it after releasing the source under the GPLv3 license. More...

MeAndMyShadow V0.1.1


MeAndMyShadow V0.1.2

The 0.1.2 release followed the 0.1.1 release very quickly to solve a serious bug.[1]


MeAndMyShadow V0.2

  • New default theme: Cloudscape
  • Tutorial levelpack
  • Improved leveleditor
  • New blocks
  • Addon manager
  • New help screen


MeAndMyShadow V0.3

  • Menu and GUI completely redesigned
  • Statistics and recordings for maps
  • Configurable keys
  • Joystick and gamepad support
  • New original music


MeAndMyShadow V0.4

  • Translation support
  • New background music (by Juho-Petteri Yliuntinen)
  • Collectables
  • Resizeable window
  • OpenGL renderer
  • Updated Cloudscape theme, including a death animation



Since MeAndMyShadow is still in development we expect some more releases.

MeAndMyShadow V0.5


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